Since 2021, we have been dedicated to our art, following our principle of 'Defining New Aesthetics' as we pioneer new forms of visual expression through artificial intelligence.


During a visit to the Perrotin Gallery in NYC, we stumbled upon a pin reading "ART EVERY DAY." This discovery  inspired us to publish works daily. The series has since grown to over 600 pieces, with new ones added daily to our Instagram.
Currently, our themes are increasingly focused on "Encryption" and "Incognito."

Gerhard Richter's statement, "I don’t like pictures that I understand," profoundly echoes within the studio’s philosophy. This affinity for the enigmatic mirrors Richter’s appreciation of the incomprehensible in art. In this realm of ambiguity and abstraction, our work finds its most potent and expressive form.

The integration of AI technology marks a significant evolution in our artistic trajectory, echoing a philosophy of embracing unpredictability and innovation. This approach parallels the disruptive techniques of artists like Georg Baselitz, renowned for challenging traditional views by upending the familiar.

We sell art prints in our shop, which we will soon expand with unique pieces that we are currently working on. Learn more about this in our newsletter.
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